Friday, 29 May 2009


I get so mad when people who work in a customer facing job are unhelpful or intentionally obtuse. I have just returned from the local council tip and I could spit!

Some slip of a lad who is probably young enough to be my son (god how old does that make me feel!) just had a go at me about putting a pan in the wrong skip. Fine I'd put it in the wrong skip but having a go at me! What's more annoying is that it was one of the other battered old men who work there who told me where to put it. He said put it over there and pointed in the direction of the skip I went to. How was I supposed to know he was actually pointing at another skip which was closed and didn't have a sign on it when all the other skips were signed?

Arrrgghh! Men, they are all rubbish!

Ok so maybe not all men are rubbish but it's hard to find the good ones. If you've found a good one please let me know what makes him good and how you found him?

I'm off to pound the hell out of an onion with my new chopping gadget to try and calm down a little, cheerio.

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